Saturday, 15 October 2011

Identifying the Target Audience

The target audience that my newspaper will be targeted at in terms of age will likely be the younger generation, between the ages of 18-28. This will be because I feel that I can relate to this age as I am a similar age myself and I believe that I can produce a newspaper that will be what this age group is looking for in a newspaper and caters for their needs but also is aesthetically pleasing for the reader to look at.

The audience of my newspaper will be for both genders; I look to do this by making my newspaper with alternative colours that both female and male appreciate. The target audience are likely to be either seeking a university place or have just graduated and starting their careers. I believe that my stories would target this audience as the stories would be based upon incidents that are happening locally to the readers and they will be of a subject that will interest the younger generation.

The target audience’s social class for my newspaper would lie into the categories demographically of; B, C1 and C2. I have not included A as I feel that this is for people who would not be bothered or interested in the stories that my newspaper will show and they will not appreciate the style of my newspaper.

The people that my newspaper would mainly be aimed at, in terms of economic status would be around the £35,000 bracket. This is because I would like my newspaper to cater for the needs of the younger generation but also attract the needs for people in their late 20s. My paper would sell at 20p (in the same price bracket as the Mirror and the Sun) but will have a competitive edge over these papers, as it would involve more in-depth news stories.

My audience for my newspaper could be described as innovators, carers, mainstreamers, aspirers, achievers and believers. I feel that all these terms are the perfect words to help describe my target audience.