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Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Metro Newspaper Measurements of Layout

Paper Size = Length = 36.1 cm Width = 28.5 cm

Column 5 cm

Gutter in between 5 column layout = 0.5 cm

Bottom Advert = Length = 26.5 cm Height 7 cm

Main Picture = Width 10.2 cm Height = 14.4 cm

Plug = Length = 26.4 cm Width = 3 cm

Plug Photo = Width = 4.9cm Length 6.8 cm

Main Title = Width 18.1 cm Height= 5 cm

Headline = Width = 10.1 cm Height 7.7 cm

Date = Width = 2.8 cm Height 5.8 cm

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I have decided to take the option of creating a newspaper for my A2 coursework. This is because I feel that I would be more successful at creating a newspaper rather than attempting to produce a film. I am confident about this decision, as my previous practice video project was unsuccessful. My newspaper will contain stories, photographs and advertisement; they are all based on true events. I have already researched into the developments and the layouts of local newspapers, (The Bromley Times and The News Shopper) these newspapers have similar layouts and both target the same audience. I would like to target my newspaper at a younger audience than these papers, but update the readers with the same information. I will draw my readers in by using different layouts, styles and fonts to attract the younger generation. It will be classy and stand out for the young reader to notice on the shop shelve.

Even though I will be using similar column ideas to my local newspapers (a 5-column layout) I will produce a two-page newspaper that is different, that stands out and is aesthetically pleasing. I will have the main title at the top left of the page, similar to most newspapers. Then below it will have the main headline, which will be accompanied by a photo matching the story.

My newspaper will hopefully cater for my target audiences needs. I will try to do this by using appropriate layouts and formats to match the thoughts